Plenary lectures

Sunday morning

Chairperson: J. Drahoš

A1.1     8:30   Remote control of reaction-diffusion processes with chemical microrobots. F. Štěpánek (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [1292]

A1.2     9:30   Formulation engineering - the chemical engineering of products. J. P. K. Seville (Inst. Chem. Eng., Rugby, UK) [1210]

Monday morning

Chairperson: P. Stehlík

A3.1     8:30   Design and operations of sustainable supply chains – recent advances in life cycle optimization methods (PRES plenary lecture). F. You (Cornell Univ., Ithaca NY, US) [1192]

A3.2     9:30   Chemical and process engineering: Forging a path with help from Stephen Sondheim. C. I. Teich (Engineering Solutions Center, Collegeville PA, US) [1285]

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