Lectures A

A1 - Sunday morning
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics


Chairpersons: B. Grabner, J. Hanika

A1.3   11:00   Keynote lecture: Effectiveness of capillary membrane bioreactor/reactor depending on the transport in cylindrical space. E. Nagy (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1034]

A1.4   11:40   Biogas upgrading via direct methanation with hydrogen from power-to-gas applications. *J. Witte, T. J. Schildhauer, A. Kunz1, S. Teske2, S. M. A. Biollaz (Paul Scherrer Inst., Villigen, CH; 1Energie 360 AG, Zurich, CH; 2Swiss Fed. Lab. Mat. Sci. Technol., Dübendorf, CH) [965]

A1.5   12:00   Ionic liquid-coated transaminases for biocatalysis in organic solvents. *B. Grabner, M. T. Gundersen1, H. Gruber-Woelfler, S. Lois2, S. Fantini2, S. Bartsch3, J. M. Woodley1 (Graz Univ. Technol., AT; 1Tech. Univ. Denmark, Lyngby, DK; 2Solvionic SA, Toulouse, FR; 3e-LEcta GmbH, Leipzig, DE) [883]

A2 - Sunday afternoon
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics

Modelling, multi-phase reactors

Chairpersons: M. Fourati, J. Kosek

A2.1   14:00   Modelling the deposition of Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWAs) on flat woven cotton fabrics. *L. Bueno, C. Amador1, S. Bakalis (Univ. Birmingham, UK; 1Procter&Gamble, Newcastle, UK) [474]

A2.2   14:20   Multi-scale modelling of catalysed particulate filters for automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment. *M. Leskovjan, M. Václavík, V. Novák1, P. Kočí, D. Thompsett1 (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ; 1Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, Reading, UK) [893]

A2.3   14:40   Real-time hybrid Monte Carlo method for modelling of 4 monomer semi-batch emulsion copolymerization. *T. Chaloupka, A. Zubov, J. Kosek (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [927]

A2.4   15:00   Substitute composition based on empirical characterization for steam cracking modelling application. *A. Karaba, P. Zámostný, Z. Bělohlav (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [897]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

A2.5   16:20   Investigation of deactivation mechanism for heterogeneous industrial hydrogenation catalyst: Accelerated aging using a special trickle bed reactor setup. *A. Reinsdorf, W. Korth, A. Jess, F. Klasovsky1 (Univ. Bayreuth, DE; 1Evonik Ind., Marl, DE) [182]

A2.6   16:40   Use of Euler-Euler model and internal molecules age distribution transport theory to assess and predict trickle-bed reactors performances. *M. Fourati, F. Augier, R. Thomas (IFP Energies Nouvelles, Solaize, FR) [703]

A2.7   17:00   A TiO2 immobilized coating prepared via spray drying for a Photo-CREC-Air Reactor. C. Lugo-Vega, *H. de Lasa, B. Serrano-Rosales1 (Western Univ., London ON, CA; 1Univ. Aut., Zacatecas, MX) [48]

A3 - Monday morning
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics

Reaction kinetics

Chairpersons: H. I. de Lasa, J.-P. Mikkola

A3.3   11:00   Keynote lecture: Photocatalysis: light, alternative energy and the environment. H. de Lasa (Univ. Western Ontario ON, CA) [227]

A3.4   11:40   Application of a packed bed microreactor for determining the intrinsic kinetics of the 2-methylpropene (isobutylene) hydrogenation. *Z. Vajglová, P. Stavárek, V. Jiřičný, J. Kolena1 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Res. Inst. Inorg. Chem., Usti n/L, CZ) [1017]

A3.5   12:00   A new stoichiometric and kinetic model for the substitution of polysaccharides with two reagents. S. Teerikoski, *T. Salmi (Abo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI) [706]

A3.6   12:20   Catalyst screening and reaction kinetics in the degradation of pharmaceuticals by ozonation. *P. Tolvanen, S. Said, A. Franz, K. Eränen, N. Kumar, T. Salmi (Abo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI) [413]

A4 - Monday afternoon
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics

Reaction kinetics

Chairpersons: L. Estel, P. Tolvanen

A4.1   14:00   Chemical kinetics modelling of CO2 hydrogenation to methanol over Cu/M/Al (M = Ba, Ca, Mg, Sr, Zn) heterogeneous catalysts. *N. Strah, V. D. B. C. Dasireddy, A. Pohar, B. Likozar (Nat. Inst. Chem., Ljubljana, SI) [108]

A4.2   14:20   Kinetic analysis of reaction via microwave dielectric measurements. *L. Estel, N. Benamara, A. Ledoux, I. Polaert (INSA Rouen, Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, FR) [971]

A4.3   14:40   Utilization of catalytically active foams for enhancing energy efficiency in chemical reactors. F. Lali (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [307]

A4.4   15:00   Verification of a macro kinetic model and development of a product distribution model for a commercial Co/Re/γ-Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch catalyst in microchannel reactor. *M. Ostadi, M. Hillestad (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [309]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

A5 - Tuesday morning
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics


Chairpersons: J. M. Arandes, N. Kumar

A5.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Novel mesoporous carbon from renewable sources and microporous zeolite catalysts for production of biofuel components. L. J. Konwar2, P. Mäki-Arvela, D. Dekka2, T. Riittonen, *N. Kumar, J.-P. Mikkola1 (Abo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI; 1Umea Univ., SE; 2Tezpur Univ., IN) [345]

A5.2     9:10   A microkinetic modelling of eugenol hydrodeoxygenation over noble metal catalysts in a slurry reactor. *A. Bjelić, M. Grilc, B. Likozar (Nat. Inst. Chem., Ljubljana, SI) [315]

A5.3     9:30   Coke deactivation pathways during the catalytic cracking of glycerol in FCC conditions. A. Errekatxo, A. Ibarra, A. Gutierrez, J. Bilbao, J. M. Arandes, *I. Hita, P. Castaño (Univ. Pais Vasco, Leioa, ES) [95]

A5.4     9:50   Correlating the structure of V/SBA-15 and V/SiO2 catalysts with their activity in the partial oxidation of ethanol. *J. M. Hidalgo, Z. Tišler, D. Kubička, R. Bulánek1, K. Raabová1 (Res. Inst. Inorg. Chem., Litvínov, CZ; 1Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [105]

A5.5   10:10   Sorption and swelling in polyethylene in gaseous and liquid media. *M. Podivinská, L. Krajáková, K. Haškovcová, J. Chmelař, J. Kosek (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [952]

10:30   Coffee break, poster session

A5.6   11:00   Effect of oscillations in inlet gas composition on the performance of automotive three-way catalysts containing Pt, Pd and CeO2. *J. Březina, A. Arvajová, P. Kočí (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [759]

A5.7   11:20   Influence of supports on catalyst activity for the reverse water–gas shift (RWGS) reaction and adsorption behavior of copper-based catalysts for CO2 storage. *A. Pohar, D. Lašič Jurković, V. D. B. C. Dasireddy, B. Likozar (Nat. Inst. Chem., Ljubljana, SI) [179]

A5.8   11:40   Phosphorus-containing acid activated carbon support in a bifunctional PtPd catalyst for pre-treated tire-oil hydrocracking. *I. Hita, T. Cordero-Lanzac, A. Gallardo1, J. M. Arandes, J. Rodríguez-Mirasol1, J. Bilbao, T. Cordero1, P. Castaño (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES; 1Univ. Málaga, ES) [226]

A5.9   12:00   Ce0.495Sn0.495Pd0.01O(2-δ) as highly stable and low-leaching catalyst in continuous Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions. *G. J. Lichtenegger, H. Gruber-Woelfler, J. Khinast (Graz Univ. Technol., AT) [809]

A5.10   12:20   Modelling and experimental validation of an annular LED-based photocatalytic reactor. *F. Khodadadian, M. de Boer, J. R. van Omeen, A. Stankiewicz, R. Lakerveld1 (Delft Univ. Technol., NL; 1Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Technol., Kowloon, HK) [992]

A6 - Tuesday afternoon
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics

Chairpersons: J. J. Spivey, L. Zh. Nikoshvili

A6.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: CO2 reforming of methane over Ni-based 6%LSNZ pyrochlore catalyst. N. Kumar, M. L'Abbate1, D. Haynes2, D. Shekhawat2, *J. J. Spivey (Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge LA, US; 1Royal Inst. Technol., Stockholm, SE; 2U.S. Dep. Energy, Morgantown WV, US) [679]

A6.2   14:40   Effect of catalyst promotion by alkali and heavy metals on selective alkynols hydrogenation with the use of Pd-containing hypercrosslinked polystyrene. L. Z. Nikoshvili, T. E. Hudyakova, E. A. Kholkina, A. V. Bykov, *V. G. Matveeva, E. M. Sulman, L. Kiwi-Minsker1 (Ural State Tech. Univ., Ekaterinburg, RU; 1EPFL, Lausanne, CH) [129]

A6.3   15:00   Correlating compositions of the reaction medium and coke during the steam reforming of bio-oil on a Ni/La2O3-αAl2O3 catalyst. *A. Ochoa, B. Aramburu, A. Arandia, B. Valle, A. G. Gayubo, P. Castaño (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [104]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

A6.4   16:20   Three-phase hydrogenation of 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-ol over a Pd/ZnO catalyst: development of a kinetic model. *S. Vernuccio, P. Rudolf von Rohr (ETH, Zurich, CH) [396]

A6.5   16:40   Total oxidation of ethanol over Au/Ce0.5Zr0.5O2 catalysts. *P. Topka, L. Kaluža, J. Gaálová (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [933]

A6.6   17:00   Surface area-active phase reactivity correlation in scallop shells-derived solid base nanocatalysts in waste cooking oil transesterification. *F. R. Panjaitan, S. Yamanaka, Y. Kuga (Muroran Inst. Technol., JP) [898]

A7 - Wednesday morning
Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics

Reactor technology

Chairpersons: S. Paul, P. Topka

A7.1     8:30   A hollow core shell model for describing chemisorption of H2S from raw syngas in a packed bed reactor of ZnO. *R. Sadegh-Vaziri, M. U. Bäbler (Royal Inst. Technol., Stockholm, SE) [38]

A7.2     8:50   An industrial scale process for the direct synthesis of DMC from methanol and CO2. *H. M. Schellevis, S. A. L. Jorissen, T. D. J. Te Molder, A. G. J. van der Ham, H. van den Berg (Twente Univ., Enschede, NL) [59]

A7.3     9:10   Comparison of oxygenated vs. chlorinated compounds in the production of light olefins from a coke deactivation perspective. J. Valecillos-Díaz, M. Ibáñez, P. Perez-Uriarte, M. Gamero, *I. Hita, A. T. Aguayo, J. Bilbao, P. Castaño (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [323]

A7.4     9:30   Glycerol dehydration to acrolein in a two-zones fluidized-bed reactor. R. Meléndez, *S. Paul, N. Fatah, B. Katryniok, V. Bellière-Baca1, P. Rey1, F. Dumeignil (Univ. Lille, FR; 1ADISSEO France, Antony, FR) [858]

A7.5     9:50   Guidelines for proper reactor design for aldehyde-ammonias production. *E. Moioli1, L. Schmid, P. Wasserscheid, H. Freund (Univ. Erlangen-Nürnburg, DE; 1Lonza AG, Visp, CH) [163]

A7.6   10:10   Preparation of valuable organic chemicals through Heck reaction by using Supported Ionic Liquid Catalyst (SILCA). *N. Vucetic, P. Virtanen, J.-P. Mikkola1, T. Salmi (Abo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI; 1Umea Univ., SE) [481]

10:30   Coffee break, poster session

A7.7   11:00   Study of the degradation of oxygen carrier pellets in the chemical looping combustion process. *E. Schaer, A. Tilland, D. Petitjean (Univ. Lorraine, Nancy, FR) [492]

A7.8   11:20   Synthesis of polymer micelle using amphiphilic macromonomer and characterization of its function. *M. Yasuda, H. Ogino (Osaka Prefecture Univ., JP) [879]

A7.9   11:40   The mechanism of acetonitrile dimerization — a theoretical study. *G. Zorludemir, N. McCann, C. Täschler1, P. Wasserscheid, H. Freund (Univ. Erlangen-Nürnburg, DE; 1Lonza AG, Visp, CH) [292]

A7.10   12:00   Cooking potential of oxychlorination hollow cylindrical catalyst pellet. *K. R. Rout, E. Fenes, M. F. Baidoo, T. Fuglerud1, D. Chen (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO; 1INOVYN Norge, NO) [103]

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