Lectures K

K2 - Sunday afternoon
PRES 2016

CO2 minimisation and mitigation

Chairperson: Y. Kansha

K2.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Addition of water in calcium based adsorbent for CO2 adsorption: Experimental and isotherm modelling studies. N. Azmi, N. A. Rashidi, *S. Yusup, K. M. Sabil1 (Univ. Teknol. Petronas, Perak, MY; 1Heriot-Watt Univ. Malaysia, Putrajaya, MY) [51]

K2.2   14:40   Carbon dioxide capture from model marine diesel engine exhaust by means of K2CO3-based sorbents. *M. Balsamo, A. Erto, A. Lancia, F. Di Natale (Univ. Napoli Federico II, IT) [411]

K2.3   15:00   Novel process for hydrogen production through the sorption enhanced reforming of methane combined with chemical looping combustion. *J. R. Fernandez, J. C. Abanades (CSIC, Oviedo, ES) [545]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Chairperson: S. Yusup

CO2 minimisation and mitigation

K2.4   16:20   Effect of processing conditions on CO2 adsorption and mechanical strength of MgO pellets. L. Chen, *Y. D. Ding, X. Zhu, Q. Liao, G. Song, Q. Fu (Chongqing Univ., CN) [684]

K2.5   16:40   An energy efficient top-lit gas-lift bioreactor for algal cultivation and CO2 mitigation of industrial off-gas. *N. Seyed Hosseini, H. Shang, G. M. Ross1, J. A. Scott1 (Laurentian Univ., Sudbury ON, CA; 1North. Ontario Sch. Medicine, Sudbury ON, CA) [994]

K2.6   17:00   Participant plants and streams selection for interplant heat integration among three plants. *R. Song, Y. Wang, X. Feng1 (China Univ. Petrol., Beijing, CN; 1Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., CN) [555]

K2.7   17:20   CO2-argon-steam oxy-fuel (CARSOXY) combustion for CCS inert gas atmospheres in gas turbines. *A. Al-Doboon, A. Valera-Medina, J. Ng1, N. Syred (Univ. Southampton, UK; 1Cardiff Univ., UK) [680]

K3 - Monday morning
PRES 2016

CFD and numerical heat transfer

Chairperson: Q. Wang

K3.1   11:00   Keynote lecture: Numerical investigation of the hydrodynamics in a bubbling fluidized bed with granulated molten slag particles during heat recovery process. *L. Cao, H. Wang, X. Zhu, X.-Y. He, Q. Liao, Q. Fu (Chongqing Univ., CN) [750]

K3.2   11:40   Analysis of the influence of turbulence on the heat transfer between spherical particles and planar surfaces. *G. Brösigke, A. Herter1, M. Rädle1, J.-U. Repke (Tech. Univ. Bergakademie, Freiberg, DE; 1Hochschule Mannheim, DE) [17]

K3.3   12:00   Investigation of the pressure drop of random packed bed adsorbers. *B. Haddadi, C. Jordan, H. R. Norouzi, M. Harasek (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [466]

K4 - Monday afternoon
PRES 2016

CFD and numerical heat transfer

Chairperson: Q. Liao

K4.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Sensitivity analysis of radiative heat loading to tube coil with geometric imperfections. *J. Hájek, Z. Jegla (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [617]

K4.2   14:40   Numerical analysis of heat transfer to a biomass fired Stirling engine. *C. Jordan, M. Harasek (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [476]

K4.3   15:00   Numerical modeling of heat exchangers in gas turbines using CFD computations and thermodynamic cycle analysis tools. C. Salpingidou, *D. Misirlis2, Z. Vlahostergios, M. Flouros1, S. Donnerhack1, K. Yakinthos (Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki, GR; 1MTU Aero Engines, München, DE; 2Tech. Educ. Inst. Cent. Macedonia, Serres, GR) [524]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

CFD and numerical heat transfer

Chairperson: D. Kukulka

K4.4   16:20   Fully resolved CFD simulation of a hollow fiber membrane module. *M. Harasek, B. Haddadi, M. Miltner, P. Schretter, C. Jordan (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [448]

K4.5   16:40   Velocity measurement downstream of axial guide vane swirl generator. *J. Vondál, M. Dohnal, V. Zejda, J. Hájek (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [618]

K4.6   17:00   Three-dimensional modelling of heat and mass transfer during combustion of low-grade Karaganda coal. A. S. Askarova, S. Bolegenova, S. A. Bolegenova, V. Y. Maximov, *M. Beketayeva, A. B. Ergaliyeva, Z. Gabitova, A. O. Nugmanova (Al-Farabi Kaz. Nat. Univ., Almaty, KZ) [734]

K4.7   17:20   CFD study of fluid flow through regular foams with varying porosity and cell diameter. *I. I. Mitrichev, A. V. Jhensa, E. M. Koltsova (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [846]

K5 - Tuesday morning
PRES 2016

Clean technologies - Low emissions technologies

Chairperson: Z. Kravanja

K5.1     8:50   Keynote lecture: CO2 separation process using circulating fluidized bed based on exergy recuperation. *Y. Kansha, M. Ishizuka, H. Mizuno, A. Tsutsumi (Univ. Tokyo, JP) [94]

K5.2     9:30   Catalytic pyrolysis of volatile tars contained in gaseous products of fast pyrolysis of agricultural waste. Y. Y. Kosivtsov, K. V. Chalov, Y. V. Lugovoy, E. M. Sulman, A. A. Stepacheva, *V. P. Molchanov (Tver State Tech. Univ., RU) [572]

K5.3     9:50   Electrified water sprays generation for gas pollutants emission control. L. Manna, *F. Di Natale, C. Carotenuto1, A. Lancia (Univ. Napoli Federico II, IT; 1Second Univ. Naples, Aversa CE, IT) [438]

10:10   Coffee break, poster session

Clean technologies - Low emissions technologies

Chairperson: M. Promentilla

K5.4   11:00   Keynote lecture: Targeting of water-using networks of single contaminant involving regeneration reuse/recycling. J.-H. Liu, A.-H. Li1, *Z.-Y. Liu2 (Hebei Univ. Technol., Tianjin, CN; 1Chengde Petrol. Coll., Hebei, CN; 2Hebei Univ. Technol., Tianjin, CN) [673]

K5.5   11:40   Keynote lecture: Carbon capture from integrated pulp and board mill. *P. Kangas, K. Onarheim, V. Hankalin1, S. Santos2 (VTT, Espoo, FI; 1ÅF-Consult Ltd., FI; 2IEAGHG, UK) [638]

K5.6   12:20   Keynote lecture: Innovative technology for production of construction materials on the basis of man-made waste of metallurgical industry. Y. M. Fedorchuk, *M. A. Sadenova1, S. A. Abdulina1 (Tomsk Polytech. Univ., RU; 1Serikbayev East Kaz. State Tech. Univ., Ust-Kamenogorsk, KZ) [462]

K5.7   13:00   Keynote lecture: Microwave susceptible catalytic diesel particulate filter. V. Palma, *E. Meloni (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [468]

K6 - Tuesday afternoon
PRES 2016

Clean technologies - Low emissions technologies

Chairperson: K. Yu

K6.1   14:00   When life cycle thinking is necessary for decision making: emerging cleaner technologies in the chlor-alkali industry. *M. Margallo, R. Onandia, J. Laso, R. Aldaco, A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [506]

K6.2   14:20   Enhanced SO2 removal by using charged water droplets. *F. Di Natale, C. Carotenuto1, A. Lancia (Univ. Naples, Napoli, IT; 1Second Univ. Naples, Aversa CE, IT) [516]

K6.3   14:40   Energy efficient co-production of hydrogen and power from brown coal employing direct chemical looping. *M. Aziz, T. Oda, A. Morihara (Tokyo Inst. Technol., JP) [601]

K6.4   15:00   Supervisory control and monitoring of a hybrid high temperature PEM fuel cell system with Li-Ion batteries and an LPG reformer. *C. Ziogou, D. Giaouris1, S. Papadopoulou2, S. Voutetakis (Chem. Proc. Energy Res. Inst., Thessaloniki, GR; 1Newcastle Univ., UK; 2Technol. Educ. Inst., Thessaloniki, GR) [1029]

K6.5   15:20   Assessment of the exergy performance of an organosolv process using Aspen Plus®. A. Mabrouk, X. Erdocia1, M. González Alriols1, *J. Labidi1 (ENIG, Gabès , TN; 1Univ. Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, ES) [74]

15:40   Coffee break, poster session

Clean technologies - Low emissions technologies

Chairperson: C. Sy

K6.6   16:20   TiO2/zeolite composite on ceramic tiles: influence of the amount of photocatalyst on adsorption and photocatalytic properties. *G. Sarno, V. Vaiano, D. Sannino, P. Ciambelli (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [715]

K6.7   16:40   Wheat straw combustion and co-firing for clean heat energy production. I. Barmina, R. Valdmanis, *M. Zake (Univ. Latvia, Salaspils, LV) [805]

K6.8   17:00   Modelling of a post-combustion CO2 capture process using deep belief network. F. Li, *J. Zhang, E. Oko1, W. Meihong1 (Newcastle Univ., UK; 1Univ. Hull, UK) [830]

K6.9   17:20   NOx emissions by hydrogen and syngas combustion in gas turbine. M. Kanniche (EDF, Chatou, FR) [973]

K7 - Wednesday morning
PRES 2016

Sustainable biofuel production

Chairperson: H. L. Lam

K7.1     8:30   Process simulation and costing study for the FT-liquid fuels production from steam glycerol reforming. *P. Hunpinyo, P. Narataruksa (King Mongkut´s Univ. Technol., North Bangkok, TH) [239]

K7.2     8:50   Multi-objective synthesis of South Africa’s biomass to bioethanol supply network. M. Mutenure, L. Čuček1, *A. J. Isafiade, Z. Kravanja1 (Univ. Cape Town, ZA; 1Univ. Maribor, SI) [645]

K7.3     9:10   Selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to gamma-valerolactone using polymer-based Ru-containing catalysts. I. I. Protsenko, A. O. Zaykovskaya, *L. Z. Nikoshvili, V. G. Matveeva, E. M. Sulman (Tver State Tech. Univ., RU) [587]

K7.4     9:30   Advanced bio blending components for middle distillates. *P. Solymosi, S. Tomasek, A. Holló1, J. Hancsók (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1MOL Hung. Oil Gas Plc., Szazhalombatta, HU) [808]

K7.5     9:50   JET fuel production from high molecular weight Fischer-Tropsch paraffin mixture. *S. Tomasek, A. Holló, J. Hancsók (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [815]

10:10   Coffee break, poster session

Sustainable biofuel production

Chairperson: P. L. Show

K7.6   11:00   Fatty acid hydrotreatment using hypercrosslinked polystyrene-supported Pd catalysts to produce biofuels. *A. A. Stepacheva, V. G. Matveeva, E. M. Sulman, V. N. Sapunov (Tver State Tech. Univ., RU) [576]

K7.7   11:20   Water management in lignocellulosic ethanol production – a case study and comparative analysis from a Swedish perspective. *R. Fornell, C.-J. Franzén, K. Willquist, A. Petersson (SP Tech. Res. Inst. Sweden, Borås, SE) [592]

K7.8   11:40   Fuel purpose hydrotreating of free fatty acid by-products and heavy straight run gas oil. *D. Sági, A. Holló, G. Varga1, J. Hancsók (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1OT Industries, Budapest, HU) [762]

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