Lectures H

H1 - Sunday morning
PRES 2016

11:00 – PRES 2016 Opening

Chairpersons: J. J. Klemeš, H. J. Lam

H1.1   11:20   Keynote lecture: New developments in heat exchanger network retrofit. R. Smith (Univ. Manchester, UK) [668]

H1.2   12:00   Keynote lecture: Regional and total site CO2 integration considering purification and pressure drop. W. N. R. Nawi, S. R. Wan Alwi, Z. A. Manan, J. J. Klemeš1, *P. S. Varbanov1 (Univ. Technol. Malaysia, Johor, MY; 1Pazmány Péter Cathol. Univ., Budapest, HU) [1298]

H2 - Sunday afternoon
PRES 2016

Integrated and multifunctional operations

Chairperson: Q. Fu

H2.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: A P-graph model for multi-period optimization of isolated energy systems. *K. Aviso, J.-Y. Lee1, R. Tan (De La Salle Univ., Manila, PH; 1Nat. Taipei Univ. Technol., TW) [736]

H2.2   14:40   Modular without containers – the Lonza multi-purpose plant concept. *B. C. Seyfang, T. Gruetzner (Lonza AG, Visp, CH) [212]

H2.3   15:00   A risk-based criticality analysis in bioenergy parks using P-graph method. *M. F. D. Benjamin, C. Cayamanda1, B. A. Belmonte1, R. Tan1, L. F. Razon1 (Univ. Santo Tomas, Manila, PH; 1De La Salle Univ., Manila, PH) [594]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Dynamic, flexible and sustainable plan operation

Chairperson: K. Aviso

H2.4   16:20   Control of solid mass flow rate in circulating fluidized bed by a pulsed gas flow. M. Ishizuka, H. Mizuno, Y. Kansha, *A. Tsutsumi (Univ. Tokyo, JP) [102]

H2.5   16:40   Flexible and efficient power production in a grate boiler though model predictive control and a novel mechanistic model of biomass combustion. *A. Boriouchkine, S.-L. Jämsä-Jounela (Aalto Univ., FI) [811]

H2.6   17:00   Decision support for optimised cooling tower operation using weather forecasts. *D. Ackerschott, B. Beisheim1, S. Engell (Tech. Univ., Dortmund, DE; 1INEOS Köln GmbH, Köln , DE) [1001]

H3 - Monday morning
PRES 2016

Process integration for sustainable development

Chairperson: R. Smith

H3.1   11:00   A genetic algorithm based plant layout design methodology considering piping and safety. Y. Wu, *Y. Wang, X. Feng, S. Feng (China Univ. Petrol., Beijing, CN) [37]

H3.2   11:20   Procedure for the simultaneous synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks at process and total site levels. *A. Nemet, L. Čuček, Z. Kravanja (Univ. Maribor, SI) [1112]

H3.3   11:40   Input-output based system perturbation analysis of the environmental implications of rice hull utilization for power generation in the Philippines. *K. Yu, K. Aviso, R. Eusebio, C. Felix, A. P. Mayol, M. A. Promentilla, J. R. Santos1, A. T. Ubando, R. Tan (De La Salle Univ., Manila, PH; 1G. Washington Univ., Washington DC, US) [606]

H3.4   12:00   Process and sustainability assessment of gas liquefaction pathways. *T.-V. Nguyen, F. Bühler, B. Elmegaard (Tech. Univ. Denmark, Lyngby, DK) [976]

H3.5   12:20   Total site analysis as a synthesis model (MILP) to select, optimize and integrate processes in multiple-product plants. *K. A. Pyrgakis, A. Kokossis (Nat. Tech. Univ., Athens, GR) [802]

H4 - Monday afternoon

Process integration for sustainable development

Chairperson: R. Tan

H4.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Simultaneous optimization and heat integration of effluent recovery process in polyolefin plants. G. Tu, Z. Liao, Z. Huang, B. Jiang, J. Wang, *Y. Yang (Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou, CN) [361]

H4.2   14:40   Activity and stability of novel silica-based catalysts for hydrogen production via oxidative steam reforming of ethanol. V. Palma, *C. Ruocco, E. Meloni, A. Ricca (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [50]

H4.3   15:00   Hierarchical method for prioritization of sustainable products’ characteristics. *O. Canciglieri Junior, S. Krüger, A. M. O. Sant’Anna1 (Pontif. Cathol. Univ. Parana, Curitiba, BR; 1UFBA, Salvador, BR) [541]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Process integration for sustainable development

Chairperson: M. Walmsley

H4.4   16:20   Keynote lecture: Pinch analysis approach to energy planning using weighted composite quality index. M. Patole, *R. Tan1, D. Y. Foo2, S. Bandyopadhyay (Indian Inst. Technol., Bombay, IN; 1De La Salle Univ., Manila, PH; 2Univ. Nottingham, Semenyih, MY) [871]

H4.5   17:00   Keynote lecture: Mixing pressurization and chemical absorption based carbon capture and hydrogen recovery from low pressure refinery off-gases. *Q. Zhang, H. Song, G. L. Liu (Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., CN) [205]

H4.6   17:40   Keynote lecture: Data reconciliation for total site integration. *J. Y. Yong, A. Nemet1, P. S. Varbanov2, Z. Kravanja1, J. J. Klemeš2 (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1Univ. Maribor, SI; 2Pazmány Péter Cathol. Univ., Budapest, HU) [1085]

H4.7   18:20   Keynote lecture: Cost effective heat exchangers network of total site heat integration. *S. Boldyryev, G. Krajačić, N. Duic (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [554]

H5 - Tuesday morning
PRES 2016

Process integration for sustainable development

Chairperson: J. J. Klemeš

H5.1     8:50   Relative concentration based integration of hydrogen networks with multiple impurities. Q. Zhang, *H. Song, R. Shen (Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., CN) [252]

H5.2     9:10   On the systematic allocation of natural gas under footprint constraints in industrial clusters. *D. Al-Mohannadi, K. Abdulaziz1, S. Alnouri, P. Linke2 (Texas A&M Univ. at Qatar, Doha, QA; 1Quatar Found. Res. Divn., Doha, QA; 2Quatar Energ. Envir. Res. Inst., Doha, QA) [629]

H5.3     9:30   Valorization of low grade heat with process integration methods. S.-Y. Oh, D. H. Kwak, *J. K. Kim (Hanyang Univ., Seoul, KR) [804]

H5.4     9:50   Synthesis and targeting of total water networks using two cascade transhipment models coupled with recycle flows. *A. Nikolakopoulos, A. Kokossis (Nat. Tech. Univ., Athens, GR) [826]

10:10   Coffee break, poster session

Process integration for sustainable development

Chairperson: S. Perry

H5.5   11:00   Simultaneous optimization and integration of IGCC plant using novel simplified model. *M. J. Wang, G. L. Liu, C. W. Hui1 (Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., CN; 1Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Technol., Kowloon, HK) [362]

H5.6   11:20   Extraction of green hydrogen at fuel cell quality from mixtures with natural gas. *W. Liemberger, M. Gross, M. Miltner, H. Prazak-Reisinger1, M. Harasek (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT; 1ÖMV, Wien, AT) [445]

H5.7   11:40   Policy making and models for sustainable building and energy management for settlements. *A. Buday-Malik, P. Holndonner, L. Vass, K. Matolcsy (EMI Nonprofit Ltd., Szentendre, HU) [1124]

H5.8   12:00   A master plan for the implementation of sustainable enterprise resource planning systems (Part II): development of a roadmap. *A. Gholamzadeh Chofreh, F. A. Goni1, J. J. Klemeš2 (Buein Zahra Tech. Univ., IR; 1Univ. Technol. Malaysia, Johor, MY; 2Pazmány Péter Cathol. Univ., Budapest, HU) [1156]

H5.9   12:20   Heat pump integration for total site waste heat recovery. P. Y. Liew, *T. G. Walmsley1, J. S. Lim2 (Malaysia-Japan Int. Inst. Technol., Kuala Lumpur, MY; 1Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ; 2Univ. Technol. Malaysia, Johor, MY) [654]

H6 - Tuesday afternoon
PRES 2016

Sustainable processing and production

Chairperson: T. Walmsley

H6.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Application of P-graph techniques for efficient the use of wood processing residues in biorefineries. *M. J. Atkins, T. G. Walmsley, B. H. Y. Ong, M. R. W. Walmsley, J. R. Neale (Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ) [513]

H6.2   14:40   Innovative catalytic systems for methane steam reforming intensification. V. Palma, *A. Ricca, M. Martino, E. Meloni (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [338]

H6.3   15:00   Improving sustainability of electric steelworks through process simulations. *I. Matino, V. Colla, V. Colucci, P. Lamia, S. Baragiola1, C. DiCecca2 (Sc. Sup. Sant Anna, Pisa, IT; 1RIVA-ACCIACO, Caronno Pertusella, IT; 2Politecnico, Milano, IT) [627]

H6.4   15:20   Gas-phase photocatalytic synthesis of acetaldehyde from ethanol: thermodynamic evaluation and comparison with photocatalytic activity. *V. Vaiano, D. Sannino, P. Ciambelli (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [709]

15:40   Coffee break, poster session

Sustainable processing and production

Chairperson: A. Friedl

H6.5   16:20   The potential for digestate thickening in biogas plants and evaluation of possible evaporation methods. *M. Vondra, V. Máša, P. Bobák (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [635]

H6.6   16:40   Problematique approach to analyse barriers in implementing industrial ecology in Philippine industrial parks. M. A. Promentilla, *L. Bacudio, M. F. D. Benjamin1, A. Chiu, K. Yu, R. Tan, K. Aviso (De La Salle Univ., Manila, PH; 1Univ. Santo Tomas, Manila, PH) [647]

H6.7   17:00   Catalytic activities of bimetallic catalysts for low temperature water gas shift reaction. V. Palma, *M. Martino, D. Pisano, P. Ciambelli (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [508]

H6.8   17:20   Assisted heat transfer for increased Total Site Heat Integration. *T. G. Walmsley, M. J. Atkins, A. H. Tarighaleslami, P. Y. Liew1 (Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ; 1Malaysia-Japan Int. Inst. Technol., Kuala Lumpur, MY) [408]

H7 - Wednesday morning
PRES 2016

Sustainable processing and production

Chairperson: A. Nemet

H7.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Systems synthesis by maximizing sustainability net present value. D. Širovnik, *Ž. Zore1, L. Čuček1, Z. Novak Pintarič1, Z. Kravanja1 (Ptuj, SI; 1Univ. Maribor, SI) [1134]

H7.2     9:10   Sustainability assessment of chlor-alkali/PVC production chain using system dynamics. *X. P. Jia, X. Gang, L. Fan, Z. W. Li, F. Wang (Qingdao Univ. Sci. Technol., CN) [732]

H7.3     9:30   Process design and environmental assessment of plasma-assisted nitrogen fixation incorporating renewables. *A. Anastasopoulou, S. Butala, J. Lang1, V. Hessel, Q. Wang (Eindhoven Univ. Technol., NL; 1Evonik Technol.&Infrastructure, DE) [781]

H7.4     9:50   Comparative analysis of the potential environmental impacts generated by the sulphur production plant in a refinery. *E. Correa, H. Escalante, P. Gauthier-Maradei, P. Acevedo1, A. Santis1 (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES; 1Univ. Coop. Colombia, Bogotá, CO) [906]

H7.5   10:10   Investigation of H2S and CO2 removal from gas streams using hollow fibre membrane gas–liquid contactors. *M. Mirfendereski, T. Mohammadi1 (Shahid Beheshti Univ., Tehran , IR; 1Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1297]

H7.6   10:30   Critical reflections on the Chemical Leasing concept. *R. Lozano, A. Carpenter1, F. J. Lozano2 (Utrecht Univ., NL; 1Univ. Leeds, UK; 2Tecnol. Monterrey, MX) [1084]

10:50   Coffee break, poster session

H8 - Wednesday afternoon
PRES 2016

14:00 – Best poster finalist presentation

Chairpersons: S. Perry, P. Varbanov

15:10 – PRES 2016 closing

Chairpersons: J. J. Klemeš, P. Stehlík

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