CHISA 2010 - 19th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering

PRES 2010


Preliminary (final) summary

Please follow all the instructions and the example of summary (PDF, 11kB; MS Word, 28kB)  very carefully to achieve the formal appearance of a summary as closely as possible. The summary should contain the maximum amount of relevant information and must not exceed two pages. Regrettably, most of preliminary summaries usually do not comply with these instructions. Therefore, they must be re-edited by the Scientific Committee, which is not responsible for possible changes ensuing from such reformatting.

Full text (for CD-ROM)

The length of a full text including figures and tables should not exceed 20 pages. The first page should start with a title of the paper, the names of the author(s) in proper sequence (without titles or academic degrees), the affiliation address (university, institution, company), and contacts (telephone, fax, e-mail, website). Full texts are required for both lectures and posters. If the full text is not received by the deadline, the final summary will be used instead.
The full text must be prepared in MS Word (*.doc or *.rtf file). Use only standard fonts – Times New Roman is recommended. Figures and tables should be placed within the body of the text. Alternatively it is possible to prepare the full text in PDF format (with fonts embedded in the document).
The full text should be submitted via your user pages or to the address: as an attachment. The full text must be submitted before 31 May 2010.

Poster presentation

The majority of papers will be presented as posters and thus they are a very important part of the Congress program.
Scope. Try to arrange your poster in such a way to provide a clear comprehensible image of your work at first sight even for those participants who are not conversant in your special field of interest. Give preference to diagrams, pictures and charts. The text should be very concise and accentuate the particular aim of your work, its importance, application, and the key formulas and symbols. Leave details to the discussion with interested people and to the full text.
Form. The size of the poster board is 130 cm (height) by 96 cm (width). The presenters will mark their posters with a heading, containing the title (size of letters 4 cm, at least), and the name(s) of author(s), affiliation, city and country (size of letters 2 cm). Letters under 1 cm are not suitable. Posting only a printout of the full text does not do credit to the sense and purpose of poster session.
Presentation. The presenters will arrange their posters at designated panels before the beginning of the poster session and remove them immediately after the closure of the session. The presenters must attend their posters during the coffee break from 15:20 to 16:00 h.

Lecture presentation

Since the oral sessions are based on rigid time schedules, a regular lecture including discussion can last no longer than 20 minutes. Forty minutes are reserved for keynote lectures only.
Data projectors. Lecture rooms will be equipped with dataprojector/PC and CD-ROM drives, and with PowerPoint software (version 2003 or 2007). We are not adapted for Macintosh software. A PC for checking the PowerPoint presentation beforehand will be available in the Congress Reading Room. A connection to Internet will not be available in the lecture rooms.
Oral presentation. The lectures should be presented in English. Kindly use short sentences, a slower pace of delivery and clear and distinct pronunciation. This concerns specifically those presenters who speak in their mother tongue (i.e. English).

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